BCA is not a school with international students. BCA is an international school with students from around the world (currently over 20 countries are represented in the student body). BCA desires to have students who think and serve globally. It is important in this day of the "flat world" for our students to have a better understanding of others- their lives, their lifestyles, their activities, their customs, and their cultures. BCA is an international school with a program tailored to meet the needs of each student.


Because students entering the United States to go to school require an F-1 student visa, certain policies and procedures are required for all international students. Following these policies closely will improve the student’s chances of securing an F-1 student visa.


  1. Apply for enrollment at BCA.

  2. Students must be open to taking part in all school functions including Bible class and Chapel.

  3. Submit International Student Application for Form I-20.

  4. Submit MD Immunization Form and MD Health Inventory Documents.

  5. Submit an Affidavit for Support Form A and Form B.

  6. An I-20 is submitted by school.

  7. Host Family is selected (Host Application Form).

  8. Complete Child Guardian Consent Form.

  9. Student arrives for semester or academic year. There is an international student orientation prior to the start of the school year.