Mission and Purpose

   It is the purpose of the BCA Homeschool Program to assist and support families in meeting the responsibilities of educating their children at home. We provide administrative oversight and accountability that satisfies the state of Maryland requirements for home instruction under the supervision of a non-public school. 


   The BCA Homeschool Program exists for those families who are committed to the philosophy and lifestyle of training and educating their children within a Biblical Worldview format at home. It is our purpose to assist and support those families who are dedicated to using this means of education as a tool to explore, seek out, and fulfill God's purpose in the lives of their students in the midst of a rigorous academic program. Broadfording Christian Academy views home education as an alternative method of Christian education, not as a tool for select course remediation or advancement.


You are invited to call the school office at (301) 797-8886 to set up an interview and tour of our school. 

Rates And Fees

Current tuition rates, registration fees, and other financial information are available by calling the school office at (301) 797-8886.


  • High School Diploma

   At BCA, three diploma options are available for homeschooled students upon successful completion of pre-approved courses.  They are as follows: a general school diploma, an academic diploma, and an advanced academic diploma.  Home school students enrolled in the BCA Home School Program are also invited to participate in graduation ceremonies. 

  • School Transcript

 A cumulative record for each BCA home school student is kept in the school office. Transcripts are available upon request.

  • Educational Support, Guidance, and Evaluation

   Educational support, guidance, and evaluation is the focus and strength of the BCA homeschool program.  BCA’s trained and experienced homeschool evaluators can provide recommendations for methods of instruction, curriculum and courses of study in addition to thorough portfolio reviews.  The evaluators on staff possess knowledge and training in a variety of educational areas such as occupational therapy, NILD educational therapy, and Orton-Gillingham tutoring. Additionally, a homeschool evaluator is on staff who can assist families who wish to homeschool their children with autism spectrum disorders (trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Discreet Trial with years of experience in applying these principles to educational goals; experience adapting and creating teaching materials tailored directly to the child’s learning styles and strengths.

  • Curriculum Selection Assistance

   All curricular materials are chosen by parents; however, BCA homeschool coordinators are available to provide guidance in the selection process. Parents are given freedom and great flexibility in designing courses of study.  Additionally, high school students have several options for obtaining high school credits. 

  • Guidance Counseling

   The guidance department at BCA is accessible to homeschooled students and their parents.  Scholarship applications, college admission preparatory materials, college reference guides, career guidance manuals and many other materials are available for use.  Guidance counselors and home school supervisors are always ready to help homeschooled students and their families approach life after high school graduation.

  • Annual Standardized Testing

   Homeschooled students are encouraged to participate in annual achievement testing as well as high school sophomores and juniors in PSAT.  This testing is provided free of charge to those students enrolled in the BCA Home School Program. 

  • Extra-curricular Activities

·        Interscholastic Sports

·        Field Trips

·        Chapels

·        School Clubs

·        Special Events (Homecoming, Spirit Week, Serve-A-Thon, College Day, Junior/Senior Banquet)

  • Additional School Classes

   Elementary homeschooled students may choose to attend one of the following classes at no additional fee: physical education, art, instructional library, or computer (2nd-5th). Many middle and high school homeschooled students elect to take some of their courses at BCA.  The school uses a modified block schedule. These classes do require an additional fee.

  • Encouragement

Home school coordinators at BCA are always accessible for questions or assistance.