There is never a dull moment in pre-school at BCA, unless it’s at naptime.  Our pre-school students learn new things every day as they look for God’s power, purpose and beauty throughout His creation.  A day in pre-school is a balanced experience, balanced between play and work.  Students are learning how to get along with each other in free play, and they’re also learning foundational skills to set them up for success in kindergarten and beyond.  They read stories together, learn about the weather, the calendar, the Bible, letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and so much more.



In school, what often happens is that while all students have a desire to learn, some students are ready to learn earlier than others.  If not addressed, this can lead to discouragement and apathy in underperforming students.  In elementary school, one of our main goals is to keep the love for learning alive in each student.  This requires us to identify and address learning differences.  It also requires us to be creative in our classroom management and instruction.  Teachers use curriculum maps to deliver appropriate instruction in history, science, language arts, math, Bible and more to each grade level.  Students also receive instruction in art, music, library skills, computer applications, and physical education.


Middle School

In middle school, students move out of the safety of the self-contained classroom and into the world of multiple teachers and classes.  Add to that the fact that middle school students are trying to figure out how they fit in, how they deal with peer pressure, how they wrestle with issues such as self-esteem, disappointment, and rejection, during this time when so many things are changing in their lives.  At BCA, middle school students do change classes and have different teachers, but it’s in an environment where teachers are readily available to help students track through all these changes.  We don’t want to eliminate all problems for our middle school students, because we believe problems also provide growth opportunities.  However, we do want to be available to support students and families through this difficult time of adolescence.  Our middle school curriculum offers math levels based on ability, as well as courses in history, Bible, science, language arts, and specials.


High School

In high school, BCA offers three different academic tracks (general, academic, and advanced academic) to meet the needs of each student.  The high school schedule is based on a university model schedule (a modified block schedule).  In addition to all the traditional courses offered in all the disciplines, students also have the option to take some online courses, dual enrollment college courses, and even creative internships in a career field they may wish to pursue.  Honors and AP courses are available.  Students are encouraged to participate in activities, clubs, sports, and more.  Our faculty and staff work very hard to help students reach their goals for college and career. 



The BCA Homeschool program exists to assist and support families in meeting the responsibilities of educating their children at home.  We provide administrative oversight and accountability that satisfy the state of Maryland requirements for home instruction under the supervision of a non-public school.