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 BCA Home School Bulletin



August 29 - Curriculum Documentation &/or Course Descriptions forms are due for grades K-12.

September 22 - (6:30p-9:00p) Home School Back to School event

October 17 - (1:00p-2:30p) Writing and Grading workshop by Mrs. R. Redding

March 9 - (6:30p-8:30p)  Home School Project Night

March 13 - (1:00p-2:30p) Writing and Grading workshop follow-up by Mrs. R. Redding

Home School Back to School Event

Monday, September 22, 2014


BBBC Sanctuary

6:30-6:55            Register and Peruse Display/Resource Tables

7:00-7:15            Welcome and Inspiration

7:15-7:45            Panel of Veteran Home School Moms

7:45-8:10            Refreshment Break and View Display/Resource Tables

8:15-9:00            The Nuts and Bolts of BCA's Home School Program

Please take time to examine the display tables that showcase sample portfolios and documentation for elementary, middle, and high school as well as other resources.


BCA Homeroom Class Activities

Grade 1:  September 29 to Emeritus Assisted Living. The class will depart BCA at 1:00 and return at 3:00. Transportation will be provided through parent drivers. Permission slips will go home next week.  There is no cost.  Students will be singing and visiting with residents.  Reply to Mrs. Clever (/page.aspx?id=79168) with your interest.

Grades 2 & 3:  Renfrew Institute, Wednesday, September 24, 2014.  The classes will be departing BCA at 10:30am and returning by 3:15pm.  Parent chaperones will provide transportation.  Cost is TBD.  Permission slip will be available soon.

MS (Grades 6-8) Friday, September 5, the MS homeroom classes will be going on a trip by bus to Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, Harrisburg, PA.  Cost: $28/student (includes park entrance, safari ride and bus transportation) Lunch: Bring a packed lunch; Time of Departure: 8:30am; Time of Return: 4:00-4:30pm; Permission slips will be provided on Monday (8/25) of next week. Parents are encouraged to accompany their student(s).

HS (Grades 9-12):   Friday, September 5, the HS homeroom classes will be going by bus to Washington, DC to tour the U.S. Capitol Building. Cost: $20;  Lunch: TBD; Time of Departure: 8:30; Time of Return:  4:00-5:00pm; Permission slips will be provided on Monday (8/25) of next week and will contain details on how lunch will be handled.  This trip will have limited space.  It may turn out that there is only room for home school students to attend versus parents accompanying their student.  If parents accompany students, they will need to pay the $20 fee. There is the possibility that home school parents may need to provide own transportation.  This would decrease the fee for the trip. When replying to the appropriate homeroom teacher, please, copy me on the email so that I have an idea of the number of home school students intending to participate in this trip.


Senior "To Do" List

WELCOME, Class of 2015

***Please review your forecasting form and confirm your diploma requirements with Mrs. Torres by September 12.

***Complete the photo request and other documents provided to you over the summer from Mrs. Luhn. 

***Plan and submit transcript requests in a timely fashion as you apply to colleges.  The form is available on this website.  Allow 1 week for a transcript request and 2 weeks, if a recommendation letter is needed.

***For all Senior students who are participating in BCA's Commencement ceremony on May 27, 2015, all course work must be completed and the portfolio reviewed and approved by May 20, 2015.

BCA Home School Program Ministers to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  BCA’s Home School Program ministers to families who wish to home school their children who have autism spectrum disorders. A trained evaluator is on staff, Julie Malecki. Prior to her position in BCA's Home School Program, Julie worked in both a one-to-one home therapy setting and a school setting as a behavioral therapist and instructional tutor for children with autism. Julie is trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Discreet Trial and has 10 years experience applying these principles to educational goals. She also has experience adapting and creating teaching materials tailored directly to the child’s learning styles and strengths. Please contact the Home School Department for more information.




Form Title                                                                                       Due Date

High School Course Description                                                 August  29      

Elementary/MS Curriculum Documentation                           August  29    

(BCA 1st Quarter Ends                                                                                  October 17 )

1st Quarterly Report                                                                    October 31           

1st Portfolio Review                                                            October 27 -- December 12

(BCA 2nd Quarter Ends                                                                                 December 19 )

2nd Quarterly Report                                                                 January 16             

(BCA 3rd Quarter Ends                                                                                    March 13 )

3rd Quarterly Report                                                                    March 27              

Final Portfolio Review (grades K-11)                                  April 13  – June 30

Senior Student Final Portfolio Review                                   no later than May 20

(BCA 4th Quarter Ends                                                                                     May 27 )

4th Quaterly Report and Year-End Grade Report                       June 12


Middle School Mon/Wed/Fri                    Middle School Tue/Thur
Period 1 10:30-11:10                                            Period 1  10:30-11:10
Period 2 11:10-11:50                                            Period 2  11:10-11:50
Period 3 11:50-12:22                                           Period 3  11:50-12:22
Lunch 12:22-12:52                                               Lunch 12:22-12:52
Period 4 12:52-1:26                                             Period 4 12:52-1:26
Period 5 1:27-2:07                                              Period 5A 1:26-1:54 & 5B 1:54-2:22
Period 6 2:07-2:47                                             Period 6 2:22-2:50
Period 7 2:47-3:30                                             Period 7 2:50-3:20

High School  Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri
Block A/E 10:30-11:50
Block B/F  11:54-12:48
Lunch  12:52-1:22
Block C/G  1:26-2:46
Block D/H  2:50-3:20




 Linda Higgins:  Home School Program Administrator


     Celia Torres:  Home School Progam Director 

Office Hours Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:00-4:00, Fridays 9:00-1:00

301-797-8886, ext. 211; celia.torres@broadfording.com

Linda Adams:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer



Julie Malecki:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer & supervision for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders


 Amy Speck:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer