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 BCA Home School Bulletin



May 21 - Deadline to RSVP to Celia regarding College Day attendance

May 28 - College Day at BCA - (7th-11th Grade Students)

By May 22nd - All Senior Course Work must be completed and portfolio reviews completed for those students participating in BCA's Commencement.

June 3 - RSVP deadline to attend Mom's Tea

June 12th - Mom's Tea at Dollie's Tea Room

June 12th - 4th Quarter and Year End Grade Reports Due. 

COLLEGE DAY AT BCA - All Day, Thursday, May 28, 2015

Please mark your calendars for this action-packed day!  All students in grades 7-11 will be participating in this program.  Home School students may attend all day or just the morning sessions.  Please respond to Celia Torres at celia.torres@broadfording.com by Thursday, May 21st and indicate whether your student will be attending all day or just for the morning workshops.

Teachers and students should wear their favorite college t-shirt to school on this day!


8:30 - Students report to their first period/block E class

8:45 - Students and their first period/block E teachers report to the church auditorium for instructions; students receive their College Day folders

9:00 - Students will rotate through three morning seminars; this is the instructional part of the day; students will be expected to listen, participate, and take notes during these seminars; a schedule will be put together for teachers who will accompany students to these seminars - the job of those teachers is to supervise students during the seminars and to keep them on schedule throughout the morning

12:15 - Students report to the gymnasium for lunch; teachers will be needed to help supervise

12:40 - Annual College Day Basketball Game -students that don't play in the game will have to remain in the gym; this will be a good time for yearbook signing

1:30 - Everyone reports to the church auditorium; guest speakers from the Christian nonprofit group CHAT (Compassionate Humans Against Trafficking) will be presenting for the entire afternoon; the topic will be on sexual purity and the dangers of human trafficking

3:00 - PowerPoint slide show and circle of prayer to close out the school year


  • The College Application and Preparation Journey (Pastor Felicia Wallace and Rayna Wallace - they will talk about Rayna's journey through high school and all that went into getting her ready for college entrance exams, college, scholarships, etc.)
  • How to Choose a College & Graduating from College Debt Free (Dr. Rick Cramer, Chief Operating Officer & Vice President for Student Development, Davis College, will teach on these topics)
  • Career Personality Inventory - (this activity will help students consider how their personalities relate to careers; the activity correlates with the Myers-Briggs Type indicator; I need someone to volunteer to facilitate this assessment activity - please let me know if you would like to serve as the facilitator)
  • A First Glance at College & Creating Your High School Resume (Mrs. Luhn will be teaching these to the seventh graders; students will be with her during all three seminar blocks of time)

Mom's Tea:  

You are invited to attend our final Parent's Night Out event--

an afternoon tea to honor the mother's of our graduating senior class--

Dollies Tea Room

150 Cumberland St., Clear Spring, MD

Friday, June 12, 2015

1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

 Cost: $20 for a Jane's Tea

RSVP to Celia with your intentions to attend by June 3, 2015.


Mother's of the Class of 2015 are guests.  This is a wonderful event to close out your school year as a busy home school mom.  Consider joining us.

Homeroom Class Activities

Elementary Field Day - Wednesday, May 27, 12:30 - 3:10

Field Day will consist of a variety of fun games and activities that will encourage participation, fellowship, and spirit.  Please have your child wear athletic clothes appropriate for playing games outside.  Parents:  If you have little ones that want to stay or, if you would like to attend, you are welcome. Make sure to sign in at the school office as a visitor.  PTF Picnic lunch occurs prior to the Field Day event

MS/HS Class Parties:  ​Held on the last day of school, May 29--

6th grade - Contact Miss Gillaspie for details

7th grade - Contact Mrs. Cox for details

8th grade - Contact Mrs. Groenendyk for details

9th-11th grades -   Mr. Rohrer is planning a picnic with the help of the other homeroom teachers.  He is actually planning a PIG ROAST. Please plan on collecting $5 from every student.  The money will need to be collected by Friday, May 22 (Tuesday, May 26 at the latest).  Contact Mr. Rohrer with your student's interest in participating (aaron.rohrer@broadfording.com)

Field Trip Opportunities

Grades 2 -5 - Antietam Recreation - Friday, May 22:  Students will be enjoying a day at Antietam Recreation in conjunction with other local private schools. If there is a home school parent who would like to volunteer to chaperone the interested home school student participants, please contact Celia.

  • What to wear:  You can dress comfortably in shorts/jeans and t-shirts with your bathing suit underneath.  Also, you should wear old sneakers that can get dirty or wet.  NO SANDALS!  Girls must wear a one piece bathing suit.  (If you only have a two piece, you must wear a t-shirt over top while swimming.)
  • What to bring:  A change of clothes, underwear, beach towel, and sunscreen.  Place these in a bag labeled with the child’s name.  A plastic shopping bag will work fine.
  • What about lunch??  Each child should bring a lunch and a drink.  (You might want to bring an extra drink for the afternoon.)  There is a snack bar ($1.00 and $2.00), but the time is short for lunch and the line is long!
  • Cost of the activity:  $10.50 a person
  • If you have any questions, please see your child’s teacher. Permission slips and money are due by Friday, May 1

Pre-K through 1st Grade - Thursday, May 28th   - Field Day at Monkey Joe's  - This is a field trip where younger siblings are welcome, but parental accompaniment is necessary.  Please reply to Mrs. Campagna (pre-K gym teacher) petieco@yahoo.com  at least one week prior to this event.  $10 includes bus fare, playtime, a piece of pizza & drink for lunch.  Parents must provide own transportation as bus fills quickly.  Siblings under 7 are welcome but must pay $7.25 for admission and lunch.  A field trip permission form was provided by Celia Torres in an email sent to all home school families. 

Senior "To Do" List

WELCOME, Class of 2015

BCA COMMENCEMENT:  Wednesday evening, May 27, 2015, 7:00 p.m.  All seniors must attend Baccalaureate on Sunday, May 17, 6:30 p.m. if planning to participate in BCA's Commencement.

Any 11th grade student who would like to participate in the candle lighting ceremony recognizing the incoming Class of 2016 which is part of the BCA Commencement, please keep abreast of the information regarding this event.  11th Grade students are not required to attend Baccalaureate.

All cap/gown orders for students participating in Commencement have been placed.

***Complete the photo request and other documents provided to you over the summer from Mrs. Luhn. 

***Plan and submit transcript requests in a timely fashion as you apply to colleges.  The form is available on this website.  Allow 1 week for a transcript request and 2 weeks, if a recommendation letter is needed.

***For all Senior students who are participating in BCA's Commencement ceremony on May 27, 2015, all course work must be completed and the portfolio reviewed and approved by May 20, 2015.

BCA Home School Program Ministers to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  BCA’s Home School Program ministers to families who wish to home school their children who have autism spectrum disorders. A trained evaluator is on staff, Julie Malecki. Prior to her position in BCA's Home School Program, Julie worked in both a one-to-one home therapy setting and a school setting as a behavioral therapist and instructional tutor for children with autism. Julie is trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Discreet Trial and has 10 years experience applying these principles to educational goals. She also has experience adapting and creating teaching materials tailored directly to the child’s learning styles and strengths. Please contact the Home School Department for more information.




Form Title                                                                                       Due Date

High School Course Description                                                 August  29      

Elementary/MS Curriculum Documentation                           August  29    

(BCA 1st Quarter Ends                                                                                  October 17 )

1st Quarterly Report                                                                    October 31           

1st Portfolio Review                                                            October 27 -- December 12

(BCA 2nd Quarter Ends                                                                                 December 19 )

2nd Quarterly Report                                                                 January 16             

(BCA 3rd Quarter Ends                                                                                    March 13 )

3rd Quarterly Report                                                                    March 27              

Final Portfolio Review (grades K-11)                                  April 13  – June 30

Senior Student Final Portfolio Review                                   no later than May 20

(BCA 4th Quarter Ends                                                                                     May 27 )

4th Quarterly Report and Year-End Grade Report                       June 12

Half Day Schedules

High School Half Day Schedule

Block A/E      

8:30 - 9:33

Block B/F


Block C/G


Block D/H


Middle School Half Day Schedule

Period 1


Period 2


Period 3


Period 6


Period 4


Period 5


Period 7






Period 1



Period 2



Period 3






Period 4



Period 5


Period 5A: 1:26-1:54

Period 5B: 1:54-2:22

Period 6



Period 7



High School


Block A/E


Block B/F




Block C/G


Block D/H



 Linda Higgins:  Home School Program Administrator


     Celia Torres:  Home School Progam Director 

Office Hours Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:00-4:00, Fridays 9:00-1:00

301-797-8886, ext. 211; celia.torres@broadfording.com

Linda Adams:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer



Julie Malecki:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer & supervision for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders


 Amy Speck:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer