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 BCA Home School Bulletin



April 28 - May 2  Achievement Testing Week (altered class schedule; see below)

Present - June 30 - Year-end Portfolio reviews in progress

May 21 - All 12th grade students' final portfolio review due (if participating in BCA's Commencement)

May 28 - End of 4th Quarter

May 29 - College Day (grades 7-11)

May 30 - Last day of classes at BCA; school closes for the summer at 12:00pm

June 14 - 4th Quarterly Report and Year-end Grade forms due



Testing dates: Grades 2 - 5--Monday, April 28 - Thursday, May 1; Grades 6 - 11--Monday, April 28 - Wednesday, April 30

Arrival time: 8:15am--Each student will need to sign in at the gymnasium; students will be directed to the respective testing room no later than 8:30am.

Departure procedures: Will differ for each grade level.

2nd grade will be dismissed at approximately 11:25 each day.

3rd grade will be dismissed at approximately 11:20 each day.

5th grade will be dismissed at approximately 11:30 M, T, TH, and at 11:00 Wednesday.

6th & 7th grades will be dismissed at approximately 11:46 M, W and at 11:15 Tuesday.

8th - 11th grades will be dismissed at approximately 12:02 M, T and at 11:46 Wednesday.

Dress Code: PLEASE, review the Student Handbook for details regarding BCA's dress code. Your respect of this issue is greatly appreciated. /page.aspx?id=422720

Supplies students should bring: Sharpened #2 pencils, ruler, a book for "wait" time, snack and water bottle; MS/HS students will be allowed use of a 4-function calculator for specific math subtests.

Elementary Specials: All afternoon Elementary Specials classes should be held as scheduled as testing for all grades will be completed by 12:00pm. All morning Elementary Specials classes will be cancelled as all teachers are being utilized for testing purposes.

MS/HS Block Schedule:  All afternoon block classes will be in session Monday, 4/28, through Wednesday, 4/30, at the regularly scheduled time.  Of course, morning classes are cancelled due to achievement testing.



7:00pm at Panera Bread (Hagerstown) 



October 28


Workshop on grading and assessment

**** held at BCA***

November 18


Organizational Tips for home and school

February 24

Designing unique courses to meet the interests of your student and your strengths as the teacher

March 24


Developing rubrics for grading individual assignments or courses 

****held at BCA***

April 14


Home School curriculum review to prepare for shopping/ordering at MACHE and other fairs

May – Home School Awards Ceremony & Project Night will not held this year.

June – Afternoon Tea to honor the moms of the Class of 2014.



Homeroom Class Activities at BCA
12th grade students: On Monday, April 28, if a home school 12th grade student is NOT participating in the field trip to Massanutten, VA, you are expected to attend any afternoon classes in which you are enrolled (Blocks C & D). Home school students participating in the trip are responsible for obtaining information presented in the classes missed on Monday.

Junior-Senior Banquet:  The Junior Class of BCA cordially invites you to "A Night on the Boardwalk", Friday, May 2, 2014, 7pm - 11pm, Ramada Inn (1718 Underpass Way, Hagerstown, MD).  Tickets are available in the BCA main office for $25. The tickets are on sale until April 25, 2014.

Baccalaureate:  Sunday, May 18, 6:30pm.  Seniors should be dressed in their cap and gown and have their Bible with them.  Please review the document outlining the proper attire for wearing under the gown.

Senior Class Commencement:  Wednesday, May 28, 7:00pm.  Please review the document outlining the practice schedule, photo opportunities, and attire for this event. 

Current 11th Grade students:  11th grade students are encouraged to particpate in the BCA Commencement ceremony as they receive the torch from the graduating seniors.  If doing so, students must attend the practice times as outlined in the Baccalaureate/Commencement document.



Senior "To Do" List

Welcome Class of 2014!

In order for our 12th grade students and their families to enjoy the final year in high school it is important to stay informed.  Communication of deadlines for events and opportunities are provided in a variety of formats for the senior student at BCA.  Throughout this school year, the following list  will be a guide to assist you in timeliness in the different venues of opportunities.

  • Review your academic forecasting and confirm with your portfolio reviewer that you are on track for meeting your graduation requirements.
  • Allow sufficient time for the home school staff to complete your request, when asking for transcripts (one week) and recommendation letters (two weeks) as you complete college and scholarship applications.
  • Register online to take the SAT/ACT again this fall.
  • Read and respond to the mailing that Mrs. Luhn (HS Guidance) has provided you this summer regarding photos for yearbook, Homecoming, Jr./Sr. Banquet, and baccalaureate/commencement. 
  • As you complete courses at community colleges or technical programs, provide the home school staff with an official transcript from the institution.
  • Always read the BCA Newsletter/Bulletin that is published monthly and posted on the school's website and RenWeb.  Mrs. Luhn includes high school guidance information that can be useful to you and your family.


BCA Home School Program Ministers to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  BCA’s Home School Program ministers to families who wish to home school their children who have autism spectrum disorders. A trained evaluator is on staff, Julie Malecki. Prior to her position in BCA's Home School Program, Julie worked in both a one-to-one home therapy setting and a school setting as a behavioral therapist and instructional tutor for children with autism. Julie is trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Discreet Trial and has 10 years experience applying these principles to educational goals. She also has experience adapting and creating teaching materials tailored directly to the child’s learning styles and strengths. Please contact the Home School Department for more information.




Form Title                                                                                                     Due Date

High School Course Description                                                           August 16

Elementary/MS Curriculum Documentation                                  August 30

(BCA 1st Quarter Ends                                                                                    October 18)

1st Quarterly Report                                                                                November 1

1st Portfolio Review                                                            October 28 – December 13

(BCA 2nd Quarter Ends                                                                                   December 20)

2nd Quarterly Report                                                                               January 13

(BCA 3rd Quarter Ends                                                                                    March 14)

3rd Quarterly Report                                                                                March 31

Final Portfolio Review (grades K-11)                                           April 14 – June 30

Senior Student Final Portfolio Review                                   no later than May 21

(BCA 4th Quarter Ends                                                                                     May 28)

4th Quaterly Report and Year-End Grade Report                                  June 14


10:30 – 11:25                A/E Blocks                    (55 min.)             

11:29 - 12:05                 Activity Period/Chapel/Sm. Groups     (36 min.)

12:09 - 12:59                 B/F Blocks                   (50 min.)

12:59 - 1:32                   Lunch                          (33 min.)

1:36 - 2:26                    C/G Blocks                   (50 min.)

2:30 - 3:20                    D/H Blocks                    (50 min.)

If a 2 hour delay should occur on Wednesday, the schedule is as follows:  Following a brief Homeroom, Block C will begin immediately and continue for 14 minutes.  Block D - H will meet at the regularly scheduled times for the Wednesday Block schedule.



A/E Block 8:30 - 9:24  (54 minutes) 

B/F Block 9:28 - 10:16  (48 minutes)

C/G Block  10:20 - 11:08  (48 minutes) 

D/H Block  11:12-12:00  (48 minutes) 

Dismissal 12:00 noon



 Linda Higgins:  Home School Program Administrator


     Celia Torres:  Home School Progam Director 

Office Hours Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 9:00-4:00, Fridays 9:00-1:00

301-797-8886, ext. 211; celia.torres@broadfording.com

Linda Adams:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer



Julie Malecki:  Home School Portfolio Reviewer for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders