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   The Broadfording Christian Academy library is a technologically enhanced learning center. It includes multiple computers that provide students with access to Alexandria, an automated book searching archive. The computers are also used for student work and research. With the book collection constantly growing, the library strives to achieve excellence in its services to both staff and students. 

Students also have the capability to tap into the local Washington County Free Library online databases with a local library card.  You can access these databases from:

   Our elementary students have weekly classes in the library, which gives them the opportunity to check out books during their class times. Students are taught about the various resources within the library, as well as tools used for research, like the Dewey Decimal system, and information on the different genres of books. The high school and middle school students have access to library resources during lunch, after school, and at other times approved by the staff. 

   A Scholastic Book Fair is hosted annually in our library to promote avid reading and provides children with newly released titles. As a fundraiser, the Scholastic book fair helps to increase the collection and variety of books our library holds. The library is also our collection center for the Campbells soup label and cell phone fundraisers. Also offered in the library is the campus store. If you are a serious Lions fan or even a student with a lack of supplies, the Lions Bookstore is there for you,  offering everything from school materials to BCA gym bags, hoodies, shirts and more!

The Library also serves as the hub for a number of fundraising and collection efforts. See Mrs. Horst to find out more about these great programs to help the BCA Library!
  • Campbell's Soup Label Program
  • Donate Cell Phones and Empty Printer Ink Cartridges
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