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"Promoting Academic Excellence in a Caring Environment"

  Founded in 1973, BCA's aim is to produce students who are cultivating a relationship with Jesus Christ, becoming equipped for productive citizenship and service to others, actively discovering their talents and abilities, and seeking to become life-long learners. We provide a variety of learning opportunities for our students, ranging from a traditional academic program PreK-12th grade to online learning and extracurricular activities in both athletics and the fine arts. BCA is fully accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. 

Serve-A-Thon is a great way to start spring! KINDNESS is our theme this year. Students are encouraged to share as many acts of kindness with other people as they possibly can, and they are also encouraged to focus on the One that demonstrated the ultimate act of kindness - JESUS. Purple packets have been sent home with students and now we need families to complete as many fundraising "mailers" as they can. The funds raised through the Serve-A-Thon help BCA with operating expenses. Show some kindness towards your school and complete some "mailers!" Our community service days are scheduled for April 15 (K-2) and April 17 (preschool, 3-12). Please pray for good weather, safety, and hard working students that get a ton of work done!

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BCA Core Values & Checkpoints


Value the Soul
Uniqueness of the Individual

Affirm God’s Word
Authentic Faith (Authenticity)

Embrace a Biblical Worldview
Critical Thinking/Intellectual Curiosity

Invest in One Another
Social Awareness

Pursue Excellence

Impact the World
Enlarging/Leveraging Influence/Vision/Big Picture

Abide in Christ
Spiritual Disciplines (Discipline)